Welcome to the Vendors List page for Marquette Holistic Health Fair.  We are excited to have these vendors join us for the event.

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If you are interested in being a vendor at the Marquette Holistic Health fair, please check out this page

Rebecca Akers

Company: ClearSpace BodyWorks

Facebook: www.facebook.com/clearspacebodyworks
Instagram: https://instagram.com/clearspacebodyworks?igshid=ZDdkNTZiNTM=

Website: clearspacebodyworks.com
Email: clearspace11@gmail.com

Phone: (906) 225-7272 (text or call)

Keywords: Energy work, tarot readings, massage therapy

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Tarot readings

My name is Rebecca from ClearSpace BodyWorks. I have over 20 years in practice in the body and energy work fields and over 10 years in the fitness industry. I offer energy work, tarot readings and massage therapy services.

Check out my website at clearspacebodyworks.com or text or call 906-225-7272 if you would like to know more.

*All of my readings are available in person or over the telephone.

Cindy Baker (AKA The Plant Lady)

Company: Plant Whisperers Garden

Keywords: Uses safe, good for the environment products

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Norwex
  • Indoor Plants
  • Jewelry
  • Leaf Sculptures

I am a gal who wears many hats. Norwex Consultant…….will have great deals for this event. Young Living Oil products available. Advanced Master Gardener licensed to raise and sell perennials. Indoor garden plants……will have many available at the event that help clean the air, and also has taught classes on the care of indoor plants. Creates leaf cast sculptures and has taught many classes on this subject and also faux painting on the sculptures. Jewelry…..crafting and designing jewelry…….will have some at this event. This is a sample of what I do.

Be Well Marquette

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeWellmqt
Instagram: https://instagram.com/BewellMqt

Website: bewellmqt.com
Website: thaimassagebodywork.com
Email: bewellmqt@gmail.com

Phone: (906) 273-1330

Keywords: Bodywork, Breathwork, Halotherapy

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Mini Bodywork Sessions
  • Self-Massage Tutorials
  • Self-Massage Tools

BeWell Marquette was created by Kate Lewandowski & Christopher Ray with the yearning to minimize suffering and give people options and inspiration to feel good physically and mentally. We also wanted a space for people to collaborate, play, and feel vitalized.

Kate offers private and group breathwork sessions; Christopher offers in 2-3 hour Thai-style bodywork sessions. They both teach self-bodywork using various tools. In addition, BeWell has 3 other massage therapists, a physical therapist, and a sound therapist. The studio has an infrared sauna and a halotherapy salt room. And there is an assortment of yoga, meditation, and dance classes.

Jen Bleckiner

Company: Find Your Voice

Website: www.findyourvoice.net
Email: jbleckiner@findyourvoice.net

Phone: (920) 374-3062

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/findyourvoicellc
Instagram: https://instagram.com/findyourvoicellc

Keywords: Mind and Body Rebalance

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Free life balance assessment
  • Complete rebalancing system for mind and body through a proven digital framework and nutritional supplements
  • Oola books 

Since June 2020, Jen has been certified as an Oola Life Coach and in July 2021, she became an Oola Founding Ambassador. With life pulling us in different directions every day, it is difficult to find balance in our lives. With the Oola lifestyle framework, Jen guides adults and teens through the 7 F’s of Oola (Fitness, Finance, Family, Field, Faith, Friends & Fun), as well as what is blocking you from and what can accelerate you to your goals and dreams. Providing clients with a variety of programs and products that help them rebalance their lives. Pushing through depression and anxiety through the use of the Oola framework has made a positive impact in Jen’s life and many others, and it can for you as well! Visit Jen to learn more about how to get your Oo-la-la life!

Amanda Brunngraeber

Company: The Conscious Executive

Email: theconsciousexec@gmail.com

Instagram: @theconsciousexecutive

Keywords: Life Business Coach

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Coaching/Energy Work
  • Essential Oils

Amanda is an intuitive guide for highly sensitive people who want to take conscious ownership of their lives through embracing wholeness of mind, body and spirit.

Learning through her own experience of walking a personal journey through deep generational, childhood and holistic healing, while balancing life, motherhood and entrepreneurship, she learned first hand and is honored to guide others through the process of conscious ownership.

Combining her empath skills, with somatic understanding, shadow work, essential oils and energy healing she assists her clients as they embrace their whole, conscious, Self- in life & business.

She works with clients both in person and online, where she offers 1-on-1 coaching, group coaching, classes and more!

Christina Codd

Company: Shirley’s Suds

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coddfarms?mibextid=ZbWKwL
Instagram: https://instagram.com/shirleyssuds?igshid=NzZlODBkYWE4Ng==

Website: www.shirleyssuds.com
Email: contact@coddfarms.com

Phone: (719) 291-3232

Keywords: Goat milk soap, veteran owned, farm to tub 

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Handcrafted goatmilk soap & bath products
  • Soy candles
  • Fragrance & essential oil

After traveling the world with the military both as a soldier and spouse, Marquette was the perfect place to settle and find peace. I moved to a hobby farm almost 9 years ago. When I acquired goats years ago, I decided they needed to earn their keep and began making soap. People couldn’t get enough of it so,
Shirley’s Suds was born.

Shirley is my first milking goat. I now make other bath products and candles. My soap contains high quality oils and goat milk to be extra nourishing. Formulated for hair and body, kids especially love the all one during bath time. I also make milk
bath bombs, Himalayan salt scrubs, whipped body butters, cold creams, and soy candles and wax melts. I use both essential oils and fragrance oils. Many customers tell me how much it helps various skin issues. Direct from farm to tub!
Currently I have 16 goats.

Doulas of Marquette, LLC

Facebook: http://facebook.com/doulasofmarquette/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/doulasofmarquette

Website: www.doulasofmarquette.com
Email: doulasofmarquette@gmail.com

Phone: (906) 869-0000

Keywords: Birth, Childbirth Education, Postpartum, Babies, Moms,
Birthing People, Families

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Informational Services – Doulas, childbirth education, lactation support

Since 2010, our team has proudly supported hundreds of local Marquette County and Upper Peninsula Families in their parenthood journey. We offer childbirth education classes, lactation support, birth doula support, and postpartum family care. Our mission is to support growing families in feeling informed, empowered, and nurtured by facilitating connection to themselves and each other throughout the process of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We center our clients voices and stories and provide continuous support throughout pregnancy, birth, and in the first year after baby arrives.

Katie Fink

Company: Sacred Sound Evolution 

Instagram: @katiepfink

Email: katiepfink99@gmail.com

Phone: (906) 235-2475

Keywords: Biofield Tuning, Tuning Forks, Energy Healing

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Chair tuning sessions
  • Full set of crystal tuning bowls for others to experience

***Introducing Katie P. Fink with Sacred Sound Evolution. Katie has been taking classes and getting certified in different sound healing modalities since 2020, however her passion is in Biofield Tuning. Katie completed her Practitioner’s Training and Certification in August and has been tuning since January. After
2020 and other life altering events, Katie began recognizing the desperate need for a modality that addressed; anxiety, depression, the relief of emotional and physical stresses, that gives immediate feedback, is physically noninvasive and a client led evolution into their own wholeness and wellbeing.

While her website is under construction, for more information and to start your own journey today, email: katiepfink99@gmail.com to set up an appointment, put Biofield Tuning in subject line, and you can also visit:

Rod Gates

Company: Body Therapy Center

Website: www.massageBTC.com 
Email: massageBTC@gmail.com

Phone: (906) 869-3187

Keywords: Lymphatic massage, Oncology massage, Cupping therapy

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Lymphatic cupping massage & decongestion
  • Cupping therapy
  • Oncology massage

I have completed extensive training in both cupping therapy and oncology massage.

Incorporating cupping into massage sessions is ideal for lymphatic system decongestion as well as reducing scars and other adhesions. Improving lymphatic health benefits our immune system and enhances tissue health whether you are active and healthy or have had cancer, other illnesses or any surgical procedure. Scars and adhesions can cause pain, especially with movement, and cupping can
greatly reduce that pain and restore healthy movement and mobility.

Oncology massage reduces the side effects of cancer treatments and can be performed during active cancer therapy as well as in the years following your treatment as side effects gradually subside. It is a very soothing, gentle and slow paced massage that patients really look forward to.

Jennifer Gorton, LPC, NCC, ACS

Company: Clearwater Counseling and Supervision

Website: https://www.clearwaterccs.com/
Email: jennifer@clearwaterccs.com 
Phone: (906) 360-5261

Keywords: Sex and couples therapy, intimacy support, communication strategies

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Meet and greet table

Jennifer is originally from Wisconsin, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Wisconsin Stout and a Master’s in Counseling from Concordia University Wisconsin. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Nationally Certified Counselor, Board Certified Telemental Health Provider, and Approved Clinical Supervisor. In 2021, she completed the University of Michigan Sexual Health Certificate Program, sex therapist and sexuality education tracks.

Jennifer works full-time as a generalist counselor at Northern Michigan University and maintains a community private practice, Clearwater Counseling and Supervision (https://www.clearwaterccs.com), specializing in sex and couples therapies.

Jennifer has experience working with people of all ages and abilities with a strength-based treatment style.

Adrienne Gray 

Company: Manipura Sun

Phone: 616-350-4807

Email: crowandstar@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/manipurasun/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manipura_sun/ 

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Tarot Card Readings

New to the Marquette area, Adrienne, owner of Manipura Sun comes to us with various offerings. Since her teenage years she has had an interest in Magick, the Occult, the Paranormal and the Esoteric and is seen as a professional Tarot Reader in our community. Adrienne is a Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher, earning her certification from the North Carolina Reiki Training Center in Asheville, NC. She is also a licensed cosmetologist specializing in crochet dreadlocks. Be ready, she will likely assign you homework after your readings!



Kris Harris Pfaffle 

Company: Behennaed

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/behennaed
Instagram: www.Instagram.com/behennaed

Keywords: Henna, Oracle-guided henna, sigil design

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Henna Body Art


Kristianna has been working with henna for over 16 years. She loves the community it brings together, the artistic experience, and the connections it facilitates with others. She offers henna for healing, Oracle-guided henna designs, sigil design, art classes, and henna just for the fun of it.

Oedith Harris

Company: Unique Pearl

Keywords: Applied Kinesiology

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Reflexology

Frank Jeffries

Company: Jeffries Chiropractic

Phone: (906) 226-7525

Keywords: Applied Kinesiology

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Applied Kinesiology/Muscle Testing
  • Supplements

Dr. Frank Jeffries has thirty years experience; specializing in balancing the body systems through chiropractic and nutrition with applied kinesiology/muscle testing. Dr. Jeffries also specializes in electromagnetic field diagnosis.

Josh & Cayla Kitto

Company: Rational Wellness & Training

Phone: (906) 360-9850

Email: rationalkittos@gmail.com

Instagram: @rationaljosh
Instagram: @rationalcayla

Keywords: Personal training, nutrition, wellness, holistic, mobility

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Nutritional assessment
  • Mobility assessment
  • Free Nutrition and Fitness Resources

At Rational Wellness & Training, we provide comprehensive personal training and nutritional guidance. We utilize evidence-based, body-inclusive approaches that are person-centered and designed to meet you where you are at. We believe you should relish what you eat and how you move your body. Our goal is to empower you to reconnect with your mind and body and equip you with the knowledge and tools to make informed health decisions. You’ve always had the potential to enhance your well-being, and our role is to guide you in discovering it. Let us be your partner on this transformative journey.

Jolene Kunde

Company: UPLifted Consciousness

Phone: (906) 373-6483

Email: upliftedconsciousness@gmail.com 

Website: http://www.upliftedconsciousness.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UPLiftedConscious

Keywords: Uplifted Boudoir, Uplifted Consciousness

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Norse Rune Readings
  • Talking about Sessions Offered

Jolene has had a gift to communicate with the other side since she was young. She has been on a Shamanic path since 2017 and has completed the Shamanic medicine wheel. Jolene has studied with Shamans in Peru and has taken many courses over the last 20 years to hone her skills in psychic mediumship, animal communication, Reiki, and most recently has started taking courses in Norse shamanism. Jolene is the owner of two businesses UPlifted Boudoir Photography & UPLifted Consciousness. These businesses go hand in hand offering an array of healing opportunities from finding and loving yourself through intimate portrait photography to shamanic healing and readings.

Naom^i^ Love

Company: Spirit Sketch

Phone: (906) 241-4976

Email: zenangel222@yahoo.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/naomi.love.547

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair: 

  • Spirit Sketch, which includes: 
    • Working with my Spirit Guides and Angels
    • Expressing through mini drawings
    • Giving mini messages
    • Encouraging you with the statement


I have been trained for many years in many different modalities.  I am a healer, light worker and worked many years with Holistic Doctors in England and Scotland. Recently I am called to draw Spirit Sketches, giving clients mini messages. I have coordinated the Holistic Wellness Fair held at Bay College for over 10 years. I am very happy to be part of this Holistic Fair.

Madame Zolta

Company: Madame Zolta Intuitive Reader

Email address: MQTPenra79@aol.com

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Intuitive Card Readings for Adults and Children with Parental Permission
  • Some Gently Used or New Items of Psychic, Holistic or Paranormal Interest

Hailing from the mystical regions of the great North and a more genteel time, intuitive reader Madame Zolta uses her abilities to help others follow a more fulfilled life path by bringing calm and clarity to their questions about life and it’s mysteries. From a long line of seers, mystical readers, and just plain old knowledgeable folks she uses her sensitive intuitive abilities honed from childhood to enlighten others on their search for meaning. While sometimes theatrical to put her clients at ease, she listens to their concerns and is always truthful and accepting. Madame’s readings include past present future, a deeper dive into a certain subject, and just plain old “wingin’ it”. She also entertains with a unique children’s reading. “Uncanny”, “Spot on”, “Funny” and “Kind” are just some of the feedback she has received from past readings. For more, come and meet Madame where the readings are real but the accent not so much…🙂

Debra Martin

Company: Hiawatha Wellness LLC

Phone: (906) 420-2871

Website: www.hiawathawellness.org
Email: hiawathawellness@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1194830193915697 

Keywords: Holistic Healing, Reiki, Oracle Cards 

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Card Readings with Runes
  • Cards
  • Bags
  • Candles
  • Bracelets

Due to her deep love of the woods, animals and nature and her cabin on a lake near the Hiawatha National Forrest Debra created Hiawatha Wellness LLC. Debra is a Reiki Master with many other modalities such as biofield tuning, sound baths, Reiki Master teacher, End of Life Doula and the creations of “The Trees Speak” Oracle Deck. Debra loves hosting events, creating, sharing, teaching, reading cards and the outdoors to name a few. You will rarely see her without her husband Lyle and their faithful German Shephard, Ruger, by her side. When she is not doing these modalities she is restoring homes after fire and water damage, with her husband and team at D & L Restoration Specialist’s.

Ona Christie Martin

Company: Art of Awakening

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artofawakening11
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/onamartin/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artofawakeningstudio/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/artofawakening

Website: https://artofawakening.life/
Email: ona@brightspiritart.com

Keywords: Art, artist, energy healing, shamanic, gifts, oracle

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Art
  • Notecards
  • Oracle cards
  • Oracle readings
  • Paint your spirit guide

Ona Christie Martin is a visionary artist, writer, and energy healer who has been described as “spiritual jumper cables.” Ona believes that when we treat Life like a sacred work of Art we naturally harmonize with the universe. This sets us free to create more beautiful lives for ourselves and everyone around us.

Ona considers Art to be a healing modality, both for the viewer and for the creator. Her greatest joy is to create what she calls Soul Oracle pieces. These combine art with her unique spiritual healing technique to create one-of-a-kind custom paintings that are both beautiful works of art and gentle yet powerful tools for spiritual healing.

Ona also enjoys creating traditional paintings in watercolor and acrylic, and is happy to create custom portraits as well. Children and pets are her favorite portrait subjects.

As a teacher, Ona likes to empower her students by teaching foundational concepts of both spirituality and art. She feels that Life is Art, and that the best way to excel at both is to study the underlying principles and laws and then allow one’s inner child to play “within the rules but outside the box.”

Ona enjoys a growing following on YouTube with her channel Art of Awakening. She is especially known for her connection with spirit animals and is the creator of the Spirit Animal Awareness Oracle Card Deck.  Twice a month, Ona also hosts free, live “Lightworkers’ Café” Gatherings for members of her online metaphysical community, Spoken Earth Ministries.

Visit Ona’s website at ArtOfAwakening.LIFE to learn more about her art, workshops, and events.

Roslyn McGrath

Company: Empowering Lightworks, LLC

Facebook: www.facebook.com/EmpoweringLightworks

Website: www.EmpoweringLightworks.com
Email: info@empoweringlightworks.com

Keywords: Soul Purpose, Life Improvement, Spirit Messages, Conscious Channel, Visionary Art, Inspirational Books, Guidance Cards, Chakra Reading, Energy Healing, Goddess Cards and Books, Self-Empowerment

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Life Improvement Mini Sessions – May Include: 
    • Chakra Mini Reading
    • Spirit Message for Self-Empowerment
    • Angel Light or other Energy Field Healing 
  • Inspirational Books, CDs, and Card Sets

Roslyn McGrath helps highly-sensitive people who are passionate about living their purpose full-out go from frustration, self-doubt, and being hard on themselves to feeling more blessed, confident, and self-compassionate so they can go to new levels of living their purpose in a world that urgently needs their amazing gifts.

She is the author and illustrator of personal and spiritual growth books and card decks, and Earth-and gratitude-inspired poetry collections.

Roslyn founded and directs the Flourish Your Purpose Center at Empowering Lightworks, LLC, as well as regional well-being quarterly Health & Happiness UP Magazine.

She holds a highly supportive, compassionate space as she works with you to clear what’s held you back, applying her gifts as a quantum shift facilitator and teacher, master dowser, conscious channel, PSYCH-K® Preferred Facilitator, Love-Borne La-Ho-Chi & Angel Light Healing teacher, and award-winning visionary

Roslyn shares these gifts nationwide and internationally, and continues to learn from mining the treasures within her own challenges, from the clients whose blossoming she’s been honored to support during her 25+-year practice, and through extensive training and ongoing personal guidance in soul integration,
trauma release, and gift activation.

It’s her joy to help you connect with the inner and outer resources you need to bring your unique facet of Heaven more fully to Earth, and to bring new resources into being as guided by her soul.

Brenda Meadows

Phone: (906) 450-7201

Website: PsychicSoulJourney.weebly.com
Email: meadows.444b@gmail.com

Keywords: Brenda Meadows, Psychic Medium 

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Psychic Medium Readings

Hi! My name is Brenda Meadows, and I live in Gladstone, MI. As a psychic medium, I work with ascended light beings to provide assistance for any who are open to spiritual intervention and healing. I’m clairaudient, clairvoyant, and clairsentient. It’s my role to decipher what I hear, see, and feel to provide the best possible readings to help illuminate your life’s journey.

In addition to being a psychic medium, I’m also a healer certified in First and Second Degree Reiki (2006) and master level (2007). I’m currently in the process of earning my credentials in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). This level of hypnosis guides clients into a deep trance state that allows for past life regression and overall wellness through physical and emotional healing.

I’m a resource for Source as a willing messenger! As such, I’m open to communication with the spirit realm of light beings to answer any questions that may assist your life’s path for your highest good. My personal spirit team has assisted me more times than I can count. As a psychic medium, I’m pleased to offer spiritual assistance to you.

Jackie Nees

Website: http://www.jackienees.com/
Email: jackie@jackienees.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jackieneessoulstrategist
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/iamjackienees

Keywords: Numerology, Tarot.

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Numerology Readings
  • Tarot Readings

Jackie Nees is a tarot reader and numerologist who helps people find the clarity to unlock their potential, amplify their life and discover their soul’s purpose.

Len Novak

Company: Len Novak’s Creations 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Len.Novaks.Creations

Phone: (906) 450-3749

Keywords: Lake Superior, Lake Essence Percussion Pieces, Dreamcatchers, Feather Fans, Drums, Drum Beaters, Wire Wrapped Pendants

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Lake Essence Percussion Pieces
  • Dreamcatchers
  • Feather Fans
  • Drums
  • Drum Beaters
  • Wire Wrapped Pendants
  • Healings by drums and Lake Essence Percussion Pieces 


I have been creating drums, dreamcatchers, rattles and other pieces for about three decades starting with a Wisconsin era followed by the Keweenaw and now Grand Marais, MI. Water settings have been particularly inspiring to me. There have been many lakes, rivers and streams and beyond all there is Lake Superior, eh!  

Over the years I have been inspired by various influences to drum more and more quietly, at times utilizing fur coverings, brushes, brooms and feathers rather than the traditional drum beater. Acoustics in various settings and consideration of other’s ears and sensitivity to sound are meaningful. The learning curve has
had its ups and downs. Drumming with brushes and feathers will likely be a significant part of my presentation at the upcoming gathering. I look forward to the opportunity to share and explore on November 18 at Marquette’s Holistic Health Fair.

Joan Nystrom

Company: Stix and Stonz MQT

Email: stixandstonzmqt@gmail.com
Phone: (906) 251-0631

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100093158808705

Keywords: Healing, All Natural, Locally made, Baltic Amber, Canadian
Hazelwood, Shungite

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Hazelwood and amber necklaces and bracelets

Featured Artist: Madonna Howell, Stix and Stonz MQT – Marquette, MI

Medium: Handmade Canadian Hazel and Baltic Amber Necklaces and Bracelets

Jewelry is used as a natural holistic, product to help in preventing and relieving certain health problems.  Necklaces and bracelets are being offered in classic and designer styles. Some bracelets contain shungite, which can help shield the wearer from electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions.

10% of proceeds go to Cancer Care of Marquette County

Emily Paavola

Company: Emily Paavola RN Myofascial Release

Website: http://myofascial.biz
Email: emilypaavolarn@gmail.com
Phone: (906) 281-6790

Instagram: https://instagram.com/EAPAAVOLA

Keywords: Myofascial Release, back pain, cranio sacral, hands on

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Mini myofascial release sessions for donation

I am a registered nurse trained in John Barnes Myofascial Release. I use steady pressure with my hands to release soft tissue layer by layer. I evaluate posture and treat areas of pain and restriction such as tongue tie. I treat the newborn to elderly using cranio sacral techniques, rebounding, and unwinding. I use a massage table, and I recommend wearing comfortable clothing or shorts and a tank top for the session. My office is in Ishpeming.

Ashley Scullion

Company: Lunairy Dream Design

Email: Lunairy_dream_designs@yahoo.com

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/LunairyDreamDesigns
Instagram: Instagram.com/LunairyDreamDesigns 

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Crystal adornments and housewares to bring magic and intent to everyday life

Ashley is a self taught alchemist creating unique handcrafted treasures by infusing science and carefully selected gemstones and minerals. Inspired by the surrounding woodland and lakeshore, her pieces will elevate you to another realm. She loves to invite others to explore adding a little magic to everyday life through living with intention.

Robin Seymour

Phone: (906) 250-6977

Email: 1rlseymour@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/robin.t.seymour

Keywords: PEMF, Red Light Therapy

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Magnawave PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy)
  • Learn about PEMP, try it out, find out where it is available in Marquette

I am a certified pemf practitioner and offer services across the Upper Peninsula for people and animals. PEMF or Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy is a non-invasive modality that works at the cellular level, to help the body reduce inflammation, increase circulation, reduce pain, and speed healing naturally.

Coral Sheedy

Company: Conscious Empowerment

Email: consciousempowerment@hotmail.com


Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Chakra readings
  • 3 card readings

Rob Sved

Company: Superior Life Services

Phone: (906) 360-2279

Email: consciousempowerment@hotmail.com
Website: https://www.superiorlifeservices.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SuperiorLifeServices/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/superior.life.services/

Keywords: First Aid, CPR, AED, Safety, Training, American Heart

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Free hands-only CPR Demo and Training
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Demo
  • Assistance Setting Up Mobile Phones with Emergency Contacts, Location Sharing, Text to 9-1-1
  • CPR Masks for Purchase/Class Information/AED Purchase/Grant Opportunities

Rob began teaching CPR classes in 2004 as a firefighter and paramedic in Marquette County. In 2008, a need was observed for community-based training and Superior Life Services was born to provide training for non-professionals who want to help their friends and family in an emergency situation. Now retired from firefighting and emergency services, he continues his career in service providing American Heart Association classes throughout the Upper Peninsula. In addition to providing classes, Superior Life Services also distributes automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to businesses, churches, governments, and even personal home units. In his spare time, Rob volunteers for several non-profits including Habitat for Humanity. Each year Superior Life Services also provides sponsorships to youth sports in an effort to support a healthy active lifestyle.

Peter Torelli

Company: Aquapodics

Email: wallstrpete@gmail.com 

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Information on Sensory Deprivation Therapy

Amy Turner

Company: Apiary Life Studio – Be Empowered * Live Well

Phone: (541) 306-9386

Website: apiarylifestudio.com
Email: schnecke76@gmail.com 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/apiarylifestudio
Instagram: www.instagram.com/apiarylifestudio/

Keywords: Coaching, growth, empowerment, holistic, success, relationships

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Play with Courage Cards!
  • Information on Group Classes, Workshops, and One-to-One Sessions
  • Registration Specials 

Amy masterfully coaches clients through boundary setting and self connection with a holistic approach to success. She is an inspired Emotional Wellness Life Coach and the creator of Apiary Life Studio in downtown Ishpeming, and has been in this field for ten years and counting. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Amy relocated her family to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula due to increasing wildfires in her home state, bringing her expertise and passion for empowerment to this area. With her hallmark skills of deep listening and real talk, she has created a multitude of custom programs and tools to help clients connect to their resilience and inspiration for greater success in life, relationships and work. She has served clients from stay at home clients to Nike.

If you have not worked with Amy, you are missing out! Do not leave Marquette Holistic Health Fair without stopping by the Apiary Life Studio booth, and check out her 30 minute interactive stage presentation, “Bloom UP! Cultivating Authentic Resilience in Life, Work and Relationships.”

Check out inspired Apiary Life Studio programs in Ishpeming and the greater Marquette area at apiarylifestudio.com.

Melissa Warren-Dick

Company: Empress of the Nights Light LLC

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/empressofwands
Instagram: https://instagram.com/empressofthenightslight
YouTube: https://youtube.com/@empressofthenightslight

Website: https://snipfeed.co/empressofthenightslight
Email: empressofthenightslight@gmail.com

Keywords: Tarot reading, breathwork, meditation, astrology

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair: 

  • Tarot readings
  • Astrology snapshot
  • Breathwork

I’m a lifelong Tarot Reader, Astrologer, Breathworker, Writer, and Witch, here to help others burn as brightly as possible.  Holding space, sending love, and shining the light out to anyone who needs a little help finding their way home.

Jenny Wheeler

Company: Pattan’s Peace

Email: 906hobbitslife@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/906Hobbitslife?mibextid=LQQJ4d


Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Animal communication 
    • PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR PET; Jenny is able to communicate with the animal of your choice without your pet being present.  Please bring a picture if you would like!

Jenny says: I have been blessed with a gift from God. I am a communicator and a medium. I love “visiting” with animals and humans both past and present, near and far. I am located in Rock. I am super excited to be at my first Marquette Holistic Health Fair!

Lindsey White

Company:  Ruled by the Sun

Phone: (630) 781-2517

Website: Ruledbythesun.net
Email: lindseyw373@gmail.com

Instagram: Instagram.com/ruledbythesunllc

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Information and chance to book a Reiki session 

Hi, I’m Lindsey, I discovered Reiki in 2018 and dedicated myself to studying and practicing this healing art. I became certified in Reiki levels one and two at Golden Light Healing in Green Bay. Inspired by my journey, I opened up my own business, Ruled By The Sun, offering Reiki services and other wellness offerings. My vision is to create a healing center where individuals can align with their highest selves and experience personal transformation. My ultimate goal is to help as many people as possible and spread love, light, and wellness education.

Mickey Wood

Company: doTERRA Essential Oils

Website: my.doterra.com/mickeywood
Email: m28blk@gmail.com 
Phone: (906) 458-3194

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair: 

  • Essential oils that are available to try
  • Essential oils available for cash and carry
  • Information about doTERRA Essential oils and how to use them
  • Oracle Card Readings with Essential Oils

I have always felt a pull to work with plants and their healing energy, which has drawn me to doTERRA Essential Oils!  My journey for the last nine years has included using them for my physical health, and has been extremely helpful for me emotionally!!  I have been witness to others I have introduced to doTERRA use these amazing gifts of nature to enhance their spiritual practices, whether it be connecting to their higher power or spirit guides, prayer, or meditation!  I have also observed the health benefits that families have experienced through the use of doTERRA.