Welcome to the Vendors List page for Marquette Holistic Health Fair!  We are excited to have these vendors join us for the event.  

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If you are interested in being a vendor at the Marquette Holistic Health fair, please check out this page

Rebecca Akers

Company: ClearSpace BodyWorks

Facebook: www.facebook.com/clearspacebodyworks
Instagram: https://instagram.com/clearspacebodyworks

Website: clearspacebodyworks.com
Email: clearspace11@gmail.com

Phone: (906) 225-7272 (text or call)

Keywords: Tarot, energy worker, medium

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Tarot readings

Rebecca is an intuitive channeler and massage therapist. She has over 20 years in the health and wellness field and over 10 years in the fitness industry. She has amassed many hours in study ranging from energy and body work to yoga and weight lifting, to name a few. 

Rebecca is passionate in assisting her clients transform their body, mind and spirit. You can visit her booth for a channeled tarot reading or to say hello. 

For more information on her services and offerings, check out www.clearspacebodyworks.com 

Kate Burie

Company: Open Door | The Essential Oil Apothecary

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/opendoorcounselandlifecoaching
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFgOswV8C9_foBqtJQ3FZcw

Email: info@opendoorclc.com

Phone: (906) 239-2394

Keywords: www.opendoorclc.com

Offerings at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Homemade Essential Oil Body Products including, but not limited to, rollerballs, lotions, body butter, shower steamers, sugar scrubs, body soaps, deodorant, lip balm, chapped skin salve, tallow balm, anti-aging balm, heel balm, paw balm, sinus vapor rubs, and more!

Open Door Counsel & Life Coaching offers mind, body, and spirit wellness.  We believe your best self emerges when you care for all parts of yourself.  A branch of Open Door is The Essential Oil Apothecary. 

We create unique blends to support your mind and body health.  Making these products helps us to connect to the community and create relationships as we travel throughout the U.P. to share our products.

Jen Howell

Company: Jennifer Elen Bríd

Website: www.jenniferelenbrid.com
Email: jhowell1221@gmail.com

Offerings/Information at Marquette Holistic Health Fair:

  • Integrative shamanic sound healing
  • Alternative wedding ceremony
  • Couple’s cacao ceremony
  • Western astrology
  • Intuitive healing & issue clearing sessions

* Keep an eye on this space for changes as the fair gets closer!